Is The Felicia Leatherwood Brush All Hype?

Is The Felicia Leatherwood Brush All Hype?

Today, we’re gonna talk about the Felicia Leatherwood brush and whether or not it’s all hype or if it’s actually worthy of the popularity it’s gained over the years.

Who Is Felicia Leatherwood?

Felicia Leatherwood is a celebrity hairstylist with a focus on African American hair, usually natural hair (meaning, not chemically processed).

Did She Get It Right?

The design of the Felicia Leatherwood brush is what makes it appealing. While strong, the brush’s bristles are not connected at the tip like most brushes, which makes for more flexibility and less ripping of the hair while detangling kinky, coily hair textures (although, I’m sure this would also be appealing for those with looser hair textures).

I decided to give this brush a try (twice, actually) and while my first experience wasn’t the best, I realized my hair care regimen was also not the best and this is why I decided to give this brush another try once I got my hair care routine in order.

Watch the video below to see what my final thoughts of the Felicia Leatherwood brush were and to decide whether or not this brush is worth your time and money.

Have you ever used the Felicia Leatherwood brush? Is it a detangling tool you often reach for, or is it one you tossed in the trash? Let me know in the comments below!

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