Novex Hair Care: I Tried The “My Curls” Line For A Month

Novex Hair Care: I Tried The “My Curls” Line For A Month

While I was living life, I decided to run a few experiments with my hair. One of these hair experiments includes sticking to one brand for wash days and styling (I’m more lenient with styling products since this brand doesn’t offer a lot of different options when it comes to styling) just to see if it really makes a difference in the results I get with my coils.

How The Experiment Began

I was reading online haircare forums and came across an interesting debate about whether or not using products from the same brand was a good idea or if it really made a difference. 

Long story short, I decided to search for an affordable brand that offered both moisturizing and protein based lines. I even decided to step it up a notch and look for a sulfate-free shampoo, even though my oily scalp was protesting. I didn’t have high hopes.

How I Ran Across Novex Hair Care Products

I don’t remember what search term I was using when browsing, but I knew I wanted to venture into international hair products since I’ve heard so many great things. My issue was that I didn’t have a brand in mind because they’re not companies I’m familiar with.

The pretty packaging of Novex kept sticking out to me and random products from their various lines kept showing up in my results. Of course, I check out the reviews first, then decided to try the Novex My Curls Line. 

The Claims

I’m sure you’ve seen how products like to boast about why their products are “the best” for your hair. Then, after you’ve purchased it and used it for a while, you realize this very product that made those magical promises have fallen short on their end of the bargain. 

So, that being said, I decided to try the “My Curls’ line because, according to the company’s website, this line is great for:

My Curls Line Is Best For These Curl Types

Sounded good to me! Afterall, I’d been looking for a good line free of protein, since most of my products contain protein, I thought it was time to focus on moisture a bit more.

Novex My Curls Shampoo

Novex My Curls Shampoo

When I commit to a brand, I really commit. I go all in. I mean, why not? How else would this experiment work if I didn’t use the entire line?

I started by purchasing the shampoo. I noticed a lot of the reviews said this lathered amazingly and I since this is a sulfate-free shampoo (I’ve been weaning myself off of sulfates) I was on board to give it a try.

The Ingredients

Novex My Curls Shampoo Ingredients

The Smell

Something about the fragrance is unique, but I can’t think of anything specific it smells like. I’m guessing it’s a hint of cranberry? 

Overall, It smells like a dollar store (or maybe a hotel?) shampoo. It definitely smells inexpensive, but I still found the frangrance of the shampoo to be pleasant and “clean”.

Washing Experience

TALK ABOUT LATHER! I was pleasantly surprised with how much this lathered. I even did a double scan of the ingredients just to make sure it was really a sulfate-free shampoo because it lathered almost as much as my go-to sulfate cleanser. My scalp and hair felt clean and I was really impressed by the light, creamy consistency of this product.

It was slightly runny, which made it really easy to spread through my twists ( I wash my hair in twists) and even easier to get to my roots without feeling like I was missing spots. The lather really made it easy to tell where the shampoo was so I could easily ensure I was cleansing my entire scalp (high density problems are real, people).

When I rinsed my hair, I could tell my hair was clean, but not stripped. This product really did an amazing job of removing the silicones from my previous styling session while leaving just the right amount of natural oils on my scalp and strands.

Novex My Curls Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Novex My Curls Deep Conditioner

This is where things got even better! The smell of this hair mask is sweet and pleasant. It almost reminds me of a much less intoxicating baby powder smell mixed with cotton candy. 

I was definitely excited to try this product because I got so much product for such an affordable price! Where else can you purchase 35oz of product for less than $20?! 

The Ingredients

Novex My Curls Hair Mask Ingredients

The Consistency 

I was expecting this mask to be much thicker, but it’s actually the consistency of a light curl cream. It’s definitely not as thick as the deep conditioners you find from brands we’re used to seeing here in the United States.

Because of the lighter consistency, I ended up using WAAAAAAY too much product when applying this to the first section of hair and had to constantly remind myself to use LESS even though, as a high density natural, I’ve gotten so used to having to double up on product just to make sure I didn’t miss any spots.

I definitely didn’t have issues with the product spreading, but while applying this, I did feel concerned that it wouldn’t be moisturizing enough.

Sometimes it’s good to be wrong!

The Rinse

Welp… turns out I was definitely wrong about this not being moisturizing enough. Don’t let the lightweight nature of this product fool you because when I rinsed this product out (which was surprisingly easy to do!) my curls were defined, soft and damn near frizz-free! 

Between the shampoo and the deep treatment mask, I was already a fan of Novex hair care and I couldn’t wait to check out their other product lines! 

However, I still had a few more products left to try from this line.

Novex My Curls Conditioner

Novex My Curls Conditioner

Also referred to in the natural hair community as a “rinse-out” or “daily” conditioner. After such a pleasant experience with the shampoo and deep treatment mask, I was looking forward to the same pleasant smell from the other two products and decided to use this conditioner AFTER the deep treatment mask in order to seal my cuticle as well as detangle my hair.

The Ingredients

Novex My Curls Conditioner Ingredients

The Fragrance… Not What I Was Expecting

I was REALLY upset with the fragrance of this conditioner because the smell that hit my nostrils was NOT the same as the deep treatment mask OR the shampoo. It smells completely different. Also, I noticed the label is different, but according to the company, they are in the process of updating their packaging and the new packaging looks like the shampoo, except with a yellow top instead of teal or turquoise. 

The smell was… artificial and it reminded me of a cheap “fragrance-free” conditioner or lotion where the smell of the ingredients smells are so strong that it would have been better to just add a fragrance to the product. 

I ended up adding my favorite essential oil blend to it and I have to say, it really didn’t help much. Luckily, the smell of this conditioner didn’t linger once my hair was rinsed.

But Did It Work?

Honey, when I tell you this conditioner has amaze-ballz slip and gave my hair curl definition in places I didn’t even think my hair curled?! I mean THAT! The results from this conditioner almost made the “stank” worth it. I detangled my hair in less than 20 minutes! 

Once I was done detangling, it was time to move on to the next step. After rinsing this conditioner out, it was time to move on to my aftercare routine:

Novex My Curls Leave-In Conditioner

I found the Novex “My Curls” leave-in producs interesting because there are actually two products from this line that are BOTH marketed as a leave-in. However, I found one of the “leave-ins” to be more of a curl cream instead of an actual leave-in. 

I’ve used both of these products because I wanted to try the ENTIRE line. Afterall, that’s part of my natural hair experiment. You can learn more about my experiment here.

The Intensive Leave-In

Novex Intense Leave-In Conditioner

There are 3 different leave-in conditioners for this line and each is designed for separate curl types (one leave-in is for type 2 curls/waves, another is said to be for type 4 curls, and ANOTHER is for type 3 curls.

***I chose the Intensive leave-in, which is apparently different from the regular leave-in for this line. I found this aspect of this line confusing because although I have the intensive leave-in that says it’s for type 3 curls, the description on their Amazon link specifically says it’s for type 4 curls. 

I’m not sure if this is because they didn’t properly update the packaging before updating their site info, but regardless, I decided to try the product that specifically said “intensive” because, as a hi-po natural, you know we want to get all the moisture we can get!***

The Ingredients

Novex My Curls Intense Leave-In Ingredients

The Consistency 

This is the main reason I didn’t complain about this stating it’s for type 3 curls on the label:

It’s pretty darn thick, so I felt confident this would be a good product to try for my dense hair. When I read the label, I initially thought this would be too light for my hair and I feared I’d have to use a ton of product just to properly saturate my hair, but my hair gave me the green light as soon as I dispensed this into my hands. I actually used too much product in the first section I tried this on!

The Smell

Devine. In a nutshell. It was especially welcome after my disappointment with the rinse-out conditioner. It’s a bit more perfumy, but if you’re not sensitive to stronger smells, you’ll likely find it very pleasant.


When I tell you this defined and moisturized my curls, it’s not even a joke. It even defined the front of my hair (which is a slightly looser curl pattern and has a really hard time staying defined). I was actually impressed with this because I’ve never tried a product that absorbed into my hair so quickly and actually did what it said it was going to do (DEFINE and form curls).

Two thumbs up on this product because I also noticed when using this, it took my hair a lot longer to air dry, which means my hair was actually holding on to the moisture from this product! This is usually unheard of in the high porosity community! 

The “Super Curly” Leave-In Conditioner (a.k.a: Curl Cream)

Novex Super Curly Leave-In Conditioner

First, look at the size of this product. While it was almost $30, it is a 35oz jar, so it is well worth it in my opinion. This is another product I found a little confusing at first. I’m not used to a product being in a jar then being labeled a “leave-in” . 

The Ingredients

Novex My Curls Super Curly Leave-In Ingredients

The Smell

I absolutely love this smell. Even though it’s not as strong of a smell as the intense leave-in, it’s a nice fresh scent that pairs very well with the intense leave-in.  

What’s This For?

Why have a second leave-in? I’m going to guess it’s because some curls prefer product layering (cough, cough). Even the description says it can be used for styling curly hair (that’s exactly what a curl cream is for, right?) for twists, wash and go’s, to control or increase volume and is also said to define your curls. 

How I Chose To Use It

I’ve used this as both a leave-in as well as the cream step for the L.O.C method. This works great as both! I find myself reaching for this on autopilot when it’s time to style and it’s not just because it smells good, it’s also because it’s another product that does what it says it’s gonna do. 

It’s Time To Style (Some More)

I was excited to try the next product in this line because I’m not usually a gel person, however, I’ve been doing wash n’gos lately and I aim for definition when i’m wearing my hair out and I’m not ready to try mousse yet. 

Gels usually either dry my hair out or flake, so I was hoping the Novex hair jelly would be my first success story with a gel.

Novex My Curls Hair Jelly

Novex My Curls Hair Jelly

I have to admit, I was a little alarmed when I saw the jar because it said, “Lightweight” and I was looking for something with a strong hold, but turns out, you can just apply a little more if you want a stronger hold.

The Ingredients

Novex My Curls Hair Jelly Ingredients

The Smell

This is a very light smell, but it’s a fruity smell. I practically stuck my nose in the jar to be able to smell it. Though, I have to admit, it’s probably because I applied this after the other products from this line. Even though the smells from these products are so different, they really seem to blend well with each other. I was fascinated.

Curls Were Poppin’!

Wash N' Go Using Novex My Curls Line
Completely air-dried hair

I was SHOCKED at how well this defined my curls.

The curl cream helped define my curls, while this jelly really helped set the curls (freeze them in place, but without the flakes and hard crunch).

I love that there was only a slight crunch to my hair and this was probably because I applied a LOT when I first used it. Since then, I’ve been lighter with my application and I still got the strong hold and the crunch was almost non-existent. 

My curls stayed defined until my next wash day and this has been a constant since I’ve been using this product as a styler.

The Verdict

Overall, I was very pleased with this Novex Hair Care line, BUT the rinse-out conditioner is something I was super disappointed with and it almost ruined the entire line because even though I’m very happy with how this particular product worked on my hair, now I feel like i have to find another rinse-out conditioner that pairs well with this line.

I will NOT be repurchasing the My Curls rinse-out conditioner.


I can’t ignore the fact that every other product from this line was (and has been) fantastic! It’s for this reason alone that I’ll be repuchasing the other products from this line again in the future, especially the shampoo. 

Overall, during the month of using only these products, I noticed the following changes in my hair:

  • Way less frizz
  • Easier detangling
  • Curl deffinition
  • Increased hydration
  • Increased shine

I call this a win! I’m extremely happy with this brand so far and will be trying more Novex Hair Care products in the very near future.

Until next time, stay beautiful and never forget to love yourself (inside and out)!

Aria Len

What qualities do you look for when it comes to hair products and what makes or breaks your decision to keep a product or toss it? Leave your comment below! 

Aria Len

Sharing my natural hair journey with hopes to inspire you to find what makes your hair happy in order to reach your hair goals.

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  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for this amazing review! When I read this I instantly tought about all my friends with curly hair who are constantly complaining about different things like having a lot of frizz. I am going to send them this review because I found it really interesting! It is great that you were honest about the conditioner!

    Thanks for the information!

  2. This is interesting to see here. Though I am from south Africa, my wife also has these kinds of curls. It really looks great and the fact that it can really change a lot of things in all. I like all you shared here and thumbs up to you. This site has a lot more content to orffer and I will share with my wife too

    1. Thanks so much, Nath! I hope your wife finds this useful and yes, I’ve experienced some amazing changes just from using this line for a month and I’m really excited to try the products from the other lines from this company to see what kind of improvements it will make to my hair.

      Let me know what your wife thinks of the article and whether or not she decides to give it a try!

  3. Hello there, it’s really nice to see you take your risk for your hair with this product and I am happy still that it came out well because you frankly got what you want from it and its really nice. I hope to see others partake in natural hair products because keeping natural hair is really great 

    1. Hi Justin!

      Yes, I love that I made the decision to go natural and I’ve never looked back. It was a struggle at first, but I think I’ve finally found a way to take care of my hair that works best for me and I look forward to continuing to share my journey here in order to inspire others to take risks in order to find what products keep their hair the healthiest they can. 

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