The Best Tips For Moisturizing High Porosity Hair

The Best Tips For Moisturizing High Porosity Hair

One issue high porosity naturals have is retaining moisture. Why? Well, if you don’t know by now, you’re probably not a hi-po natural *haha*.

Jokes aside, though, the reason high porosity naturals have such a hard time keeping their hair moisturized is because our hair’s cuticle remains open.

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Add Moisture

It seems obvious that one of my tips for moisturizing high porosity hair would be to add moisture, but you’d be surprised how many naturals actually slather oil on their hair and still wonder why their hair is still dry.

You’ll want to add a moisturizing leave in, or even better, mist your hair with water, which is the ultimate moisturizer.

**This is why so many naturals insist on deep conditioning during the washing process. Moisture-based deep conditioners are meant to penetrate deep into our hair strands to add moisture and this is one of the two reasons I decided to increase my washing frequency.**

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Seal The Moisture In

Once you’ve added a good moisturizer to your hair, it’s time to apply your oil, butter or even hair grease (yep, petrolatum is an excellent sealant).

Section Your Hair For A Thorough Moisturizing Session

If you find sections of hair that are still parched after moisturizing your hair, you may need to consider sectioning your hair to make sure ALL of your hair is getting what it needs.

If you don’t, you run the risk of having random breakage in the dry areas.

Don’t play yourself!

Moisturize Before Your Hair Gets Dry

Let’s say you can normally go 2-3 days before feeling like your hair needs an extra moisture boost. Aim to re-moisturize your hair before it starts to get dry by adding moisture on day 2 if you can normally go 3 days before your hair feels dry and if you can only go 2 days before your hair starts feeling “crispy”, then you may want to consider a daily moisturizing routine.

It sounds like a lot, but you have to ask yourself how committed you are to having healthy, happy hair.

This is why I love hair grease so much, because I’m often able to put off my wash days for longer and my hair remains moisturized because it’s not able to lose moisture nearly as quickly as it would if I just used a light oil as a sealant.

Use A Thicker Sealant

Silicones aren’t bad in my opinion for the simple fact that they don’t evaporate nearly as fast as natural oils. I’m not saying that natural oils don’t have a place in a good regimen, but if you’re a high porosity natural who only washes once a week or once every other week (yikes, girlfriend) then you’ll want something that will keep the moisture in your hair for days at a time, especially if you’re not big on doing a mid-week refresh.

This is the same reason I don’t believe petrolatum is a “bad” hair ingredient. These kinds of products (when used properly) have the ability to leave your hair moist for longer without you having to worry about breakage.

These products are also amazing lubricants, which lead to fewer tangles and breakage.

Moisturizing High Porosity Hair Isn’t Complicated

The hardest part is finding the products that your hair responds well to. I hate that marketing has tapped into our desires for long, healthy, bouncy hair because now they’ve changed the way to present products and are trying to get us to abandon what has worked for years in order to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on products that either don’t do jack squat for our hair or work just as well as the products from the early 90s and even earlier.

I hope you found these quick (and simple) tips helpful and that you now have the info you need to start moisturizing your high porosity hair properly.

Aria Len

Sharing my natural hair journey with hopes to inspire you to find what makes your hair happy in order to reach your hair goals.

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